Thursday, 9 May 2013

BEDM - Day 9, Social Media

Other than blogging, me and social media rarely cross paths.
I don't do Twitter, I don't do Instagram or Pinterest.
I have a Facebook page, which is very rarely used, just to keep in touch with, mainly, a couple of people who don't blog.
To be honest, I don't see how I would have the time to do anything other than my blog.
Haven't got anything personably suitable as a photo, so 'fashion stamps' fills the spot, I think!
Letters...letters are good! Remember them? When I was at school, we had  to write a letter home every Sunday; it was like an extra lesson, all sitting at our desks, writing about the last weeks happenings! I had a few pen pals too and that was great fun and couldn't wait to hear my name called out after breakfast, to go up to the Headmistress' table to receive my post. Parcels were opened after breakfast, while being watched by the beady-eyed matron!
And I am still totally in awe of e-mails, the fact that I can send a message to my mate from college, who lives in Sydney,  and he can reply straight away! The instantaneous-ness of it, just blows my mind! And for free, too!
Guess that's just an age thing!
Z xx

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  1. Hi lovely, Emails are cheap and free and so quick. I think the british postage service has spoilt it with its pricing for a lot of people but saying that its nice to receive a hand written letter in the post. You should come onto facebook its a great way to catch up with blogging friends to when you haven't got the time to blog. dee xx