Friday, 10 May 2013

BEDM - Day 10, Travel Dreams

Yes, I know...I used this picture not long ago, but with a totally different slant! Day of Doldrums!)
Today's topic is as it says in the title. After the fiasco that was me trying to Granada last summer (here and here), I must admit if I get out of the front door I'm happy!
But a wish list, now that's different. I would love to go back to Spain and Switzerland, (oh, how I fell in love with Lausanne). I am not well travelled at all, so a trip to New York would be up there near the top of the list. Just because...
At school in '72 we had a lecture on Iceland and that really captured my imagination, all those hot springs, volcanoes and suchlike. I would also love to visit Tibet to see the Buddhist monks, and revel in the spirituality of the place.
My recent forays have been to Manchester and Plymouth and tell you what, I am as happy there as I think I would be anywhere abroad. I also want to get to Keswick as my mum wanted her ashes to be scattered on Derwentwater, so that needs to be on the list, but for an altogether different reason!!
Z xx

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