Wednesday, 15 May 2013

BEDM - Day 15, Life's a Lesson

Saw the first two swallows of the year today. Only a week later than previous years, which is pretty good going, seeing how awful the weather has been! So, I think ...
"One swallow does not a summer make" a suitable and apt saying for todays' topic!
Tying in with the 'Book Love' post the other day, and my love of informative books and with two weeks to my 53rd birthday, I hope I never lose the enjoyment of learning; whether it be a new recipe or new things on the computer, my brain likes to be used, stretched!
So, I might not be able to pick out some wonderful phrase to live by, but I do say be open to learning, from whatever source, and enjoy.
Spires of Oxford, a world renowned seat of learning, not that I went there though!
If things go wrong, learn from mistakes, but don't beat yourself up over regrets or whatever. I always try to aim for perfection at whatever I turn my hand to but hopefully I am not a 'perfectionist'; that's too destructive for me to cope with. I think a good lesson is to know your limits.
By all means reach for the stars, but maybe, just maybe, reach for the ones that are closest first! Just give it a whirl!

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  1. I definitely agree that you should learn from mistakes. I am trying to learn to do this.. :)