Monday, 13 May 2013

BEDM - Day13, Go Green

One of the girls came back to school, from abroad, for the summer term. She had bleached her hair bright blonde. As it was the summer term we would travel to Honiton, by coach, to use the outdoor swimming pool there.
It turned her hair green! 
Not what was meant by the title? OK, here goes.
Is this what they mean by a living roof? Lettuces growing atop the cat basket in the garden
My mum sent me away to school, in 1972, (the same school), with a little plastic bottle of squirty deodorant. It was absolutely squeezed it and a 'spray' of liquid would spurt out. My God, it really was rubbish, but in her infinite wisdom, my mum said I couldn't have a regular can of spray deodorant because it would destroy the ozone layer. And we ate brown bread too! How did she know about that sort of thing?
And what about those 'green' light bulbs? Aren't they totally useless for the job? Alright for subtle background lighting, but I can't see to sew by them on a dark evening. Pah! 
Maybe I should've fried these green tomatoes?
It is one of my guilty secret  joys of staying in Plymouth. As it is a holiday rental property, guests put all their rubbish into a bin bag and stick it in the bin. Simples! Might not be green, but is sure is easier!
It's almost like some sort of religion, sorting out all the waste into its' own bin. And I hate the fact that there seems to be 'bin police' keeping an eye on what we throw away. There is so much more to be concerned about, surely?
Z xx

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