Thursday, 2 May 2013


Why does it have to be so bloody difficult to make an appointment to see my doctor?
I've gone from being relaxed and laid-back to a shaky mess.
Thanks for nothing. Why do I end up having to 'play' the mental illness card to make a woman answering the phone to take me seriously?
Ffs...I only want to get to see my doc to get a repeat prescription.
I am pissed off!! What's the point on being on meds to bring and keep my blood pressure down, when I am pushed into being bolshie; who are these bloody people who answer the phone and think they're God?
Z xx

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  1. I find my doctors are the same. There is never an appointment, I phone up close to tears in pain and am told I maay be able to get an appt a week on Tuesday or something, which isn't helpful when I'm curled up and unable to move due to pain :(
    I've given up trying in most cases, just sit at home and wait for it to stop.