Tuesday, 14 May 2013

BEDM - Day 14, Food Glorious Food

I've just popped over to Chars' blog and read her post on this topic.
I said the only cake I had baked since getting our new oven last summer was a Christmas cake. I've changed from all gas to a gas hob and electric fan oven. Even though I knew it would probably cook quicker than before, it still caught me out and I felt it over-cooked just a little bit! But, we took it round to our neighbours to celebrate and they all thought it was lovely! Probably me just being picky!
I don't like marzipan so I don't decorate it. It's lovely with a hunk of Cheddar cheese!
If anyone wants the recipe I can post it for you.
Z xx

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  1. Oh Christmas cake with a piece of cheese would be my favourite Christmas dinner (although I would miss the sprouts!) and I am a marzipan fan.