Tuesday, 7 May 2013

BEDM - Day 6, Bank Holiday Fun

Saturday was the day of the Fair. There were a couple of showers, which was a bit of a shame, although it didn't seem to dampen the spirits. This was the first time that there were stalls outside on  the lawn, which was really good.
We got a garden urn for work for Mr B, a couple of large garden pots for me and a basket that both the cats have tried out!
After a wander round, refreshments were needed. A sit down and a natter with Trevor's mum, Margaret was in order. Trevor organises the "Vintage in the Shires" fairs.

We are 'twinnies' -  our birthdays are the same date, although not the same year, it has to be said!!

Sunday we went into town and got a new little greenhouse, seeing as I've filled up the other one and still have packets of seeds still to sow.
Dragged out the lilac jeans, Guess bag and Babycham trainers and added a T-shirt that Mr B brought back for me from Jewish Mother Backstage in Norfolk, VA. It was brilliant fun when he was away as we managed to set up to Skype while he was away and our conversation on his birthday was when he was at this deli.
Back here, we went into this lovely café for lunch. It has the original shaped, glass frontage, which looks out over these wonderful black and white shop fronts.
We finished off the evening with a Chinese takeaway.

Today we didn't get to the Car Boot this morning. But I did get to put up the greenhouse and sort out a load of old flowerpots and stuff to chuck out. I've also started taking down the bower as the metal frame is knackered and the passionflower has died, so it just needs a complete re-think and overhaul.
It's still a bit too much of a mess to take photos, buy no doubt some will follow.
Mr B is off on tour again Wednesday, so I need to sort out the washing for him to take and clear the top of the piano, so we can move it along, (in front of the wall that I papered last week), when he gets home,  and then I can do the rest of the wall while he is away. So, that's Tuesday organised.
Have a good week!
Z xx

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  1. I'm really hoping to sort myself out a greenhouse before long.